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Fun in Tridom now comes with each swipe. We had made it easier and added more fun for EVERYONE

Our swipes packages are:

Spend AED 75 and get 10 swipes
Spend AED 100 and get 15 swipes
Spend AED 150and get 25 swipes
Spend AED 200 and get 32 swipes
Spend AED 250 and get 42 swipes

The swipes are valid on all games and rides but will not be valid on Play Zone access, which can be purchased at the cash counter separately.

Please note that our swipes package does not roam and will be only valid at Tridom, Manar Mall.

We have added the FAQs about the new package below:

Previous Balance

  1. If I have existing balance from the old package (credit balance), how will I be able to use it? Can it be split it for play area and games?
    • All existing credit balance will be converted to swipes by close of business on October 29th, 2019.
    • If a customer asks for access to playzone from their balance, 10 swipes will be converted to play zone access for Tridom’s Play Area and the remainder will be left as swipes for other attractions.
  2. If there's credit balance in the power card and not issued at Tridom, will I be able to convert it and use it as swipes or not at all?
    • Yes, we will be able to convert it into swipes, but please do note that once the credit balance is converted to swipes, it is only valid in the same center.
      Please note that this can take upto 48 hours to migrate your balance from the other store to Tridom.
  3. Can a customer use their existing balance for partial conversion, example someone from Dubai has 300 AED as credit in their card and wants to convert AED 100 for swipes package and remaining AED 200 as credit balance to use at a center in Dubai?
    • This won’t be possible. The customer will need to stick to one format (credit or swipes) as the balance will not be roaming.


  1. Are the new packages inclusive of VAT?
    • All pricing in Tridom is inclusive of VAT.
  2. Is the pricing for Play Zone access VAT inclusive?
    • Yes, all prices are VAT inclusive.
  3. When do you charge AED 3 for the powercard?
    • The powercard is free when a customer buys:

Any of the swipes package

Play Zone entry

Play membership

They spend AED 50 and above during Mondays.

AED 3 is charged for replacing lost or damaged cards, and when the customer loads below AED 50 on Mondays.

  1. If a customer wants to load AED 300 to their powercard, how do we topup when the maximum value is AED 250?
    • The customer will need to top up the AED 150 package twice to make it 300.
  2. I have a voucher for free rides, can they be used on all days? Especially Funday Monday.
    • Yes, these vouchers are valid across the week, including Funday Mondays.


Balance Refund

  1. If a customer tops up a swipes package, uses two swipes and decided to ask for a refund on the balance, how do we do that?
    • This is a partial refund. If it is a soft play request, you can refund the full amount back.
    • On swipes, do a full refund and then charge per swipes from the slab sheet below.


refund amount / swipe


AED 10


AED 7.5


AED 6.67




AED 6.25

42 and above

AED 5.95

  • For both instances the customer will need to show their receipt as proof.
  • Their powercards will have to be taken back to wipe out the swipes.
  1. Swiper
  2. Some of the swipes mention 1 swipe, some mention 2 swipes. Do we need to swipes twice or just swipe once and it will deduct 2 swipes?
    • Customer needs to swipe twice for all two swipe games. Please note that if a customer has only 1 swipe balance and uses that on a two swipe game, it will deduct the one swipe and she/he will need to top up at the cash counter and swipe one more.
  3. If customer has only one swipe as balance, but she/he swipes it in a 2 swiper game.
    Would it deduct the one swipe from their balance?
    • Please note that if a customer has only 1 swipe balance and uses that on a two swipe game, it will deduct the one swipe and she/he will need to top up at the cash counter and swipe one more.
  4. Cards issued during birthday parties, are they valid on blue swiper games and valid on all days?

Cards issued during birthday parties will be valid for 1 hour of blue swiper games from first swipes. They are valid across all days

Funday Monday

  1. Will there be Funday Monday once the new packages are launched?
    • Funday Monday will continue as usual. All Blue Swiper games will be AED 1 per swipe.
      On Mondays please load the AED 1 per swipe package at the cash counter, load as many swipes as you want the balance will carry forward. All balance is valid for 6 months from last swipe.
      All loads are VAT inclusive pricing.
  2. Will the 2 swiper attractions work on Monday?
    • All 2 swiper attractions are not part of Funday Monday pricing. Hence the customer will need to have regular swipes as balance in the powercard and will need to swipe twice.
  3. How will we be able to differentiate which game is 1 swipe and which is 2 swipes, and if it is part of Funday Monday or not?
    • We will have blue and pink swipers that are 1 swipe each. And we will have an orange swiper that is 2 swipes each. For Funday Monday, all games and rides with blue swiper are part of Funday Monday pricing.
  4. If the customer comes on a Monday without reloading the Monday packages, and they try to swipe their card at a blue color swiper will it take from their regular swipe credits?

On Funday Monday, all blue swiper will need to have the Funday Monday swipes purchased. And it can be used on subsequent Mondays. But if the customer swipes a pink or orange swiper, it will deduct from their regular swipe credits.